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runner's protein benefits

Best for: after your run within 30 minutes
  • Rapidly top up and prolong your glycogen stores to maximize recovery and energy
  • Repair and grow your muscles with 20g of complete protein
  • Rebalance with 403mg of electrolytes
  • Easily adjust carbs to protein ratio with 1:1 base
  • All in one ensures runner's post-run requirements met well within 30 minute window
  • Supports improved subsequent runs when taken post-run within window
Plant based -- creamy vanilla taste; approx.15 servings
Ingredients: fava bean protein, sweet potato flour, maltodextrin, pea protein, organic rice protein, sugar, natural flavor, sea salt, stevia extract, xanthin gum
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Mix one scoop of Runner's Protein with cold water or your favourite smoothie recipe.  Shake or blend and enjoy.

Our Standards

Batch Tested
No Added Gluten
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Plant Based
Dairy Free
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Nut Free Facility
Egg Free

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Quality Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with a purchase of one of our products, let us know within 30 days of purchase, and we will find a solution for you that makes sense.

not something you just do


Running is who you are.  You're dedicated, consistent and chasing personal bests.  You're juggling your PB's with life's demands.  You're running half and full marathons.  You're serious, and you ignite us everyday when we see you out there. Runner's Protein was made for you.

I love that its plant based!
Runners Protein was easy to mix in my bike bottle with water for a quick and easy recovery drink. The total package of carbs, protein and electrolytes will aid in your recovery and catapult you I to your next successful workout.
It approaches recovery with a big picture perspective.
Runner’s Protein takes a COMPLETE approach in making sure your body receives the 3 essential ingredients in recovery: carbs, protein, and electrolytes. The better your recovery, the better your success in running strength, distance, speed, frequency, and longevity!
Easy and convenient!
I like that it's plant based and all in one. I don't need to eat an apple or some carbs in addition to my regular protein.
I was blown away at the flavor!
No chalkiness, easy to mix and the next day made it with a banana. I felt no aches, no pains from my long run in the cold.
A truly unique product for runners.
The blend of fast and slow carbs in addition to the dynamic ratio is something that I find truly unique. The taste and mixability of Runner Protein makes it an appealing post-run option.
Creamy with no undesirable aftertaste.
I think it is a great balance. I love that it is low sugar, equal protein to carbs and that it features electrolytes.
Not a "chore" to get down!
So I was actually pretty surprised how smooth and tasty Runners Protein is, and the "no mess, no fuss" preparation is a big bonus, since after super long runs, complex thinking or tasks are not my strong suit!
Went down smooth!!
The flavour of the recovery drink was awesome.  It mixed I well with water.  Smooth tasting with no gritty taste.
Convenience is King.
I’ve tried a few protein shakes in the past, but haven’t liked any of them enough to stick with them. Runner’s Protein might be the one to change that.
Love the product.
I enjoyed my first shake for recovery after a long ride today. I was feeling quite week and woozy. I whipped up this shake with my hand blender . The texture was smooth, light and airy. I added a few ice cubes and found the flavor was more pronounced when it was cold. The flavor was really pleasant and unique, unlike most of the other recovery drinks I have used. Delightful! In about 10 minutes I felt much better, Talk about rapid recovery! Love the product. Can't wait to get more!
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