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Can I use Runner’s Protein after every run?

Absolutely! We built Runner’s Protein for your daily runs, not just for long run days.



Does Runner’s Protein contain gluten?

No Runner’s Protein is tested for, and does not contain, gluten.



How long does it take to ship?

Depending on where you live, generally 3-7 business days.



Is Runner’s Protein a Canadian Company?

Runner’s Protein, by 2 Runners & Co, is Canadian, based just North of Belleville, Ontario.



How do I prepare it?

Mix one scoop (scoop included) with 325 ml water or your fav liquid and blend. It’s that easy! You can also add in fruit or veggies if you want to make a smoothie.



Is it Vegan?

It does not contain animal products and has 3 awesome sources of plant-based protein.


Do I need Protein after my Run?

Yes, protein will allow your muscles to repair and grow stronger — without this, your muscles will not repair optimally.  The addition of protein to carbs has the added advantage of limiting post exercise muscle damage and promoting muscle protein accretion. One recommendation for runners is to consume 0.11-0.18g per pound of body weight. For a 150 lb. runner that’s 16.5-27g of protein.



Isn't sugar bad for you?

Sugar is important for glycogen replacement after your run. Ours has 8g per serving, which is key, but a lot less than other drinks. We made ours this way knowing that you may want to add fruit into a smoothie depending on your run that day.



How many calories is it per serving?

It is 177 calories per serving.



When should I drink Runner's Protein?

Blend it up within 30 minutes of your run. 

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