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“Like the best inventions, Runner’s Protein originated in a flash when I realized I would need multiple products to satisfy my post-run requirements. With nothing on the market to fulfill the nutritional needs for daily runs, and after extensive research and development, the best post-run recovery drink mix was born.”

Sandy, CEO & Founder


2 Runners & Co. Inc. is a Canadian found and based running lifestyle company. 2 Runners & Co. creates and provides running products with the running community in mind, while adhering to the commitment on growing its product line and expanding its product categories in the years to come.

our team


ceo & founder

When it comes to running, Sandy is, how do we say...obsessed!  Countless treadmills, roads and trails have all tasted the soles of Sandy's running shoes, which happen to change very often.  Sandy frequently thinks about how to innovate and collaborate in the running space, to make the running lifestyle more comfortable and accessible.  Also known as our Chief of Lightbulb Moments, Sandy promises to think up, and bring to existence the most innovative running products in the years to come.  


coo & managing partner

Keith booked his first Road Race in 1992 and hasn't taken a year off since. He has half and full marathons in Mississauga, Ottawa, Toronto, and more under his belt. He has dabbled in sprint triathlons (more to come!) and loves back-country adventures. Also known as our Chief Formulator, Keith brings his passion for Plant-based goodness to our products.  Plant based since 2004 and a devout foodie, Keith enjoys finding hidden gems when he travels.


Best there is!  Whether its an enquiry, order, review or even application, our team at 2 Runners & Co. promises to deliver an amazing experience.  We will not only innovate in our product space, but will also continuously innovate in our customer service space.

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